Reflections on 2013

I believe that campaigning and influencing key decision makers about things that affect people, families and communities as a result of drug and alcohol use is a key part of Blenheim’s work. For Blenheim the needs of people affected by drug and alcohol problems are paramount.

Over the last year we have focused our work on a number of key issues which include:

  • The need to develop employment, training and education services that meet the needs of those with drug and alcohol problems.
  • Concerns around the possible disinvestment in and the commissioning arrangements for drug and alcohol services.
  • Lack of services to support women involved in prostitution with substance misuse problems.
  • Raised serious concerns over the impact of the privatisation of the Probation Service.
  • The need to improve the training and competence of staff in the drug and alcohol sector.

In 2014 we will be focussing on theses key issues but also on Hepatitis C treatment and issues of equality and stigma experienced by people with drug and alcohol problems. We want to continue to fight against these inequalities in society as we have done over the last 5 decades.

Next year we are celebrating 50 years of social action and to help the people who are affected by drug and alcohol problems we want to make sure that their voices are heard. Every week we will release a recovery story sharing people’s journeys to a dependency free life.

At Blenheim we work with 9000 people a year making a positive impact that not only improves the health of the individual but has a lasting positive impact on the wellbeing of their family, friends and the communities in which they live.

Our policy work seeks to complement the work of NCVO, Drugscope, Skills Consortium, Alcohol Concern, Release and The Hepatitis C Trust to name a few.

A core value for us is to voice our concerns even when doing so may make us unpopular or disadvantage us.  I and Blenheim will continue to do so via this blog and in other forums, we will also be contributing to the developing and implementing services and initiatives to address them.


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