www.blenheimcdp.org.uk  – 0207 582 2200 – info@blenheimcdp.org.uk

Who We Are

There are an estimated 400,000 people experiencing problems because of their illegal drug use, and up to 1.6 milliion adults in the UK dependent on alcohol.  We provide opportunities for both users and their families to recognise that recovery is achievable and that there are ways out of this complex physical and psychological dependence.

Blenheim CDP has been providing services to people with drug problems in London since the early 60’s. We have been and remain a pioneer in developing services to address the wide range of issues facing communities from problematic drug and alcohol use.  An accessible, non-judgemental, client-focussed and proactive approach is central to our philosophy alongside our passionate belief in people’s capacity to change.

Recovery + Reintegration

Today we provide a range of evidence based initiatives that reflect the multicultural and diverse needs of the communities we work in. These include:

  • Structured Day Programmes
  • Specialist Stimulant Services
  • Drug and Alcohol Direct Access Services
  • GP Shared Care
  • Needle Exchange
  • Criminal Justice Services
  • DRR Day Programmes
  • Primary Alcohol Services
  • Family Services
  • Young Peoples Services
  • Outreach and Engagement

Learning + Development

We are committed to lifelong learning for our staff, service users, volunteers and other professionals through:

  • Accredited courses, inclusing Crack/Cocaine and ITEP (RELS)
  • Peer Mentoring Programmes
  • National qualifications including awards, certificates & diplomas in substance misuse
  • Chartered Management Institute Management training and diploma award

Training in:

  • Drug & Alcohol awareness
  • Recovery planning
  • Group work skills
  • CBT & MI

ETE + Volunteer Programmes

Blenheim CDP have receive national recognition as a leading provider of ETE services for drug and alcohol service users.  Our award winning ETE and Volunteer Programmes include:

  • Specialist support from a designated ETE coordinator
  • Accredited courses
  • Pre-employment programmes
  • Challenging, rewarding & supported volunteering opportunities
  • Peer Mentors
  • Skills workshops
  • Return-to-Work workshops


We are leaders in innovative service delivary and research development, and our range of innovative community services has allowed us to develop a research base to evidence our interventions:

  • Mapping and ITEP/RELS consultancy
  • Contingency Management pilot site
  • Academic Research Partnerships
  • Independent outcomes and TOPs evaluation
  • Service Users Enterprises

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